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All Star Selection Process

2024 SCGS All Star Teams

All Star Selection Process & Season

Each year after an exciting and rewarding regular spring season, SCGS puts together one or more all-star teams for divisions 8U - 14U that compete in a series of tournaments lasting from late spring into the summer.  The all star season is generally considered to be a one-of-a-kind experience for both the girls and their families.  Bonds are created and memories are made that last a lifetime!

All Star Player Interest:  Mid-way through the Spring Season, the league will send each girl from 8U - 14U a form to be filled out IF that family's player is interested in and willing to commit to playing SCGS All Stars.  This form does NOT guarantee placement on an all-star team; it is just meant to let us know which players will participate IF they are chosen.  Details surrounding specific dates and requirements will be contained in that form.  
2024 All Star Interest Form

Player Selection: The date for nominating all stars is dictated by USA Softball, but is always near the end of the regular spring season.  Head coaches  for each division nominate players from their teams who they believe have stood out all year in terms of skill, attitude, determination and understanding of the game.  Once nomination lists are compiled, all coaches in a given division meet to vote on the top players from the entire division that will become the "gold" all star team.  If a division has enough player and coach interest, a "silver" or even "bronze" team can also be formed.

Coach Selection: Head coaches from each division are also responsible for voting who amongst them will take on the role of head coach of these squads for the summer. This process is lead by the division representative. If none of the head coaches from the spring season want to head coach the all star season, assistant coaches would have the next preference for coaching all stars.

All Star Season:  The All Star Season requires an increased level of commitment and participation from both the players and their families.  The expectation is that girls who agree to play all stars attend all games and practices.  It is an honor to be selected, after all!  There is an additional fee to play on the All Stars which is higher than the spring season fee.  The fee includes a special all star  uniform package which has included in the past: uniforms, practice shirts, helmet and gear bag.  Families are also responsible for the additional cost of travel to the various tournament locations around Southern California.

Questions regarding this process are always welcome!  Email